Can anybody recommend some great Swan Queen fics. Any rating, but sexy scenes would be brilliant. I need some more fics to read.

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  • favorite female character: The Evil Queen/Regina
  • favorite male character: Grumpy/Leroy
  • least favorite character: Mad Hatter/Jefferson
  • best rivals: Mr. Gold & Regina 
  • funniest character: Red Riding Hood/Ruby
  • favorite season: Season One, so far
  • favorite episode: The Stable Boy
  • favorite romantic ship: Swan Queen
  • favorite family ship: Emma/Mary Margaret
  • favorite friend ship: Ruby/Snow
  • worst ship: Emma/Mr Gold
  • added one—
  • Guilty ships: Snow Queen, Lana/JMo, Kathryn/Regina/Emma
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Righto Swan Queen fandom. I’m here ro request some good ol’ fanfics. Now, I’ve read heartways, and I am still keeping track of that but I need mooorree! More I tell you. MORE! So yah send me a pm about some fanfic recommendations and I’ll love you forever. Also links would be much appreciated!

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Brodie needs a NEW Lana Parrilla, or Swan Queen {preferably Swan Queen} wallpaper. I know there a tons of of OUAT fans out there that are graphic whizzes! So is there anyone out there that wouldn’t mind me using their desktop/wallpaper!

P.S: Can anyone also lead my in the right direction for some Morilla fics. :D

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Okay people, I’m looking for some long, and amazing Swan Queen fics. I don’t want any small one-shots, but perhaps some long multi chapters. I’ve tried fanfic but there’s hardly any there, and tis hard to find my way around livejournal. So if you have any recommendations, please msg me. :D

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Okay like seriously, here I was sitting in the jaccuzzi when all of a sudden all I could sing was ‘I shot the sheriff but I did not shoot the deputy.’ Then I immediately thought, OMG, Regina killed Graham, but she did not kill Emma. Ahaha. My mind goes to weird places while I’m relaxing the the bath ahaha.

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Okay like, I’ve just been stalked a few hundred Swan Queen and Lana Parrilla tumblr pages and I’ve found myself in quite a pickle. I’m new to OUAT, so all the actors apart from Ginny who I saw in Ramona and Beezus, and new to me so I need a few things cleared up. First thing is that a read somewhere that Ginny and Lana live together. True or false? Second is that Jennifer, Josh and Ginny don’t like Lana. Yay/ nay? Third is that Jennifer and Lana don’t get along. Yes or no? Also who is this Sammy boy Lana keeps going on about on Twitter. He IS a boy right?

Please, please, please, clear these up for me. xxo

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I’m a huge Swan Queen/Remma shipper, but I can’t help start to feel some cracks starting to form in my hopefull fantasy. I mean if Emma and Regina got together, can Emma really love someone who killed two people, probably more? Regina killed Graham and her dad, and I just can’t see Emma accepting that, no matter what. I mean if I fell for someone who was a murderer I don’t think I could be with them, no matter how strong. Even if Regina changes, its gana be so hard for Emma to get over that fact.

Does anyone have any clue to fix these cracks? Or perhaps, some reassuring words that will change my mind?

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Just watched the first episode of Once Upon a time, and I’m already piecing things together. I still reckon the final battle either has something to do with Emma adopting Henry, or Regina fighting her love for Emma. Lol, what? I can dream, and I’m pretty sure many other people have the same dream as me. Am I right or am I right?

PS: Also people are saying Lana Parrilla supports Swan Queen. Where does she say that? Interview, twitter?

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