Can someone direct me to the video with 45 Spacer - Naughty Boys where Lana sings in it, or something. Also, anybody know how long her and Fred have been an item for?

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Can anybody recommend some great Swan Queen fics. Any rating, but sexy scenes would be brilliant. I need some more fics to read.

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Regina loves Henry so much she’s willing to give up the only thing she has left of Daniel. If that doesn’t prove Regina loves her son, then I don’t know what will.

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Funny how Regina calls Emma ‘Miss Swan’, but to nearly everyone else, it’s ‘Emma’.

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Regina’s hair in An Apple Red as Blood, the part where she walks into King George’s castle , looks like shes had a bit of a roll around in a hay stack or a bed and I love it!

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  • favorite female character: The Evil Queen/Regina
  • favorite male character: Grumpy/Leroy
  • least favorite character: Mad Hatter/Jefferson
  • best rivals: Mr. Gold & Regina 
  • funniest character: Red Riding Hood/Ruby
  • favorite season: Season One, so far
  • favorite episode: The Stable Boy
  • favorite romantic ship: Swan Queen
  • favorite family ship: Emma/Mary Margaret
  • favorite friend ship: Ruby/Snow
  • worst ship: Emma/Mr Gold
  • added one—
  • Guilty ships: Snow Queen, Lana/JMo, Kathryn/Regina/Emma
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Righto Swan Queen fandom. I’m here ro request some good ol’ fanfics. Now, I’ve read heartways, and I am still keeping track of that but I need mooorree! More I tell you. MORE! So yah send me a pm about some fanfic recommendations and I’ll love you forever. Also links would be much appreciated!

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Is it possible for me to have completely mixed feelings about the whole Stable Boy/Regina relationship. At one side of things, I like how Regina is ‘seen’ generally happy, but on the other side of things, is just continues to dismiss my lovely obsession of Swan Queen! I mean I just can’t see Regina being in love with the Stable Boy then Emma. I don’t know why, I mean I’m bi-sexual myself, but I just can’t…? & also to see someone else but Emma making the Queen happy just makes me want to throw a brick!

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Just watched Red Handed, and I’m a tad disappointed about seeing hardly any Regina, but I have to say that 1x15 has probably become my favorite episode yet. Jane, you frigging rock! I can’t help but feel that the whole Mary Margaret killing Kathryn has something to do with Regina, because there’s only one person I know who can literally remove peoples hearts, and I mean why wouldn’t Regina do something like this, after all Mary ruined Regina’s carefully put together plan about David being married and loving Kathryn. But bah, I can’t not hate Regina for pinning this on M&M, but then I feel guilty for hating Regina because, well.. I love Regina. Though I dunno if I have any sympathy for Mary because if shes the reason Regina has no soul and is evil, then she deserves everything she gets. Argh, I love M&M, and I’m already feeling guilty for writing that. BLARGH!!Damn Regina Mills for making me question everything I ever felt. She makes me soo confused. I dunno whether to love or hate her. My emotions are one big ball of confusion!

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