Can someone direct me to the video with 45 Spacer - Naughty Boys where Lana sings in it, or something. Also, anybody know how long her and Fred have been an item for?

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Can anybody recommend some great Swan Queen fics. Any rating, but sexy scenes would be brilliant. I need some more fics to read.

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Okay, so I have this Role Play character on a Grey’s Anatomy based RP, called Larnia Parkinson and her face claim is Lana Parrilla, I swear I didn’t even realise how similar the names were until a while ago. Now I’ve been waiting for quite sometime for some lovely OC or Erica Hahn to join the site so my character can fall for them, and then freak out once she realises that that person is a women. She’s the Head of Trauma at SGMW, cousins with Callie, best friends with Addison Montgomery and Charlotte King. She went to med school with Mark, Derek, Sam, Naomi and Addie, where she had a brief fling with Mark.

Larnia was married to this dirty, money scheming prick for three years, before she got deployed to Venezuela for five years as a trauma surgeon. She had been there for three years before she was brutally beaten and raped by the local gang and then was forced to watch them shot every single member in her medical team in the head.

Leaving Venezuela, mentally and physically scared, Larnia was offered a job at St. Ambrose by Charlotte, not knowing most her of med school buddies where so close. She got rather close with Charlotte and rebuilt her friendship with Addie. She started drinking heavily two years into her job at St Ambrose, and become a hidden alcoholic. Addie caught her and sent her to rehab, where she rebuilt herself.

Two years later she was offered a job at SGMW as the Head of Trauma which she took, but lately she’s been having these nightmares about her time in Venezuela, and has started drinking. 

So I come to you, my fellow Tumblr obsessed people, asking if anyone would be willing to make an OC (other character who’s not from the show) using Jennifer Morrison, Stana Katic, Miriam Shor, Angie Harmon, Sasha Alexander, (or someone of your choice) or Erica Hahn, who’s an out lesbian. Larnia and this character become great friends and soon fall for each other. Larnia freaks out and runs to Callie and her wife, asking for advice. It’ll be a good plot, and great build up before they are actually in the plot. This character could help Larnia with her trouble, and make her better. 

If you do this, I will love you for fucking ever! You will be my new best friend. If you’d like to do this, msg my tumblr and we can sort this epic shit out!

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Regina loves Henry so much she’s willing to give up the only thing she has left of Daniel. If that doesn’t prove Regina loves her son, then I don’t know what will.

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Ear chewing from Mama Snow White/MM! Lol! I love it.

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Funny how Regina calls Emma ‘Miss Swan’, but to nearly everyone else, it’s ‘Emma’.

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Regina’s hair in An Apple Red as Blood, the part where she walks into King George’s castle , looks like shes had a bit of a roll around in a hay stack or a bed and I love it!

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Okay, seriously am I the only one who noticed that both Lana and Jennifer sounded like they had a bad case of the flu in the final of OUAT. Hmm, I wonder how they both got the flu? Maybe some secret snogging?

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  • favorite female character: The Evil Queen/Regina
  • favorite male character: Grumpy/Leroy
  • least favorite character: Mad Hatter/Jefferson
  • best rivals: Mr. Gold & Regina 
  • funniest character: Red Riding Hood/Ruby
  • favorite season: Season One, so far
  • favorite episode: The Stable Boy
  • favorite romantic ship: Swan Queen
  • favorite family ship: Emma/Mary Margaret
  • favorite friend ship: Ruby/Snow
  • worst ship: Emma/Mr Gold
  • added one—
  • Guilty ships: Snow Queen, Lana/JMo, Kathryn/Regina/Emma
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