Just watched Red Handed, and I’m a tad disappointed about seeing hardly any Regina, but I have to say that 1x15 has probably become my favorite episode yet. Jane, you frigging rock! I can’t help but feel that the whole Mary Margaret killing Kathryn has something to do with Regina, because there’s only one person I know who can literally remove peoples hearts, and I mean why wouldn’t Regina do something like this, after all Mary ruined Regina’s carefully put together plan about David being married and loving Kathryn. But bah, I can’t not hate Regina for pinning this on M&M, but then I feel guilty for hating Regina because, well.. I love Regina. Though I dunno if I have any sympathy for Mary because if shes the reason Regina has no soul and is evil, then she deserves everything she gets. Argh, I love M&M, and I’m already feeling guilty for writing that. BLARGH!!Damn Regina Mills for making me question everything I ever felt. She makes me soo confused. I dunno whether to love or hate her. My emotions are one big ball of confusion!

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